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The Cure for a Narcoleptic Laptop: Take-apart (and blog me in the morning)

Right ambient light sensor.  The pins just sit on the connections, so of course it is having trouble!  Take this sucka out.My lovely loyal laptop (PowerBook G4) has developed some strange behaviors over the last few months. Things degraded to the point where it would “randomly” enter sleep mode in the middle of regular tasks. I think I fixed the problem tonight: it was not the track pad thermal sensor, or any of those other problems. The failure seems to be in the ambient light sensor.

If this sounds interesting to you, then read on for the full story! (more…)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Sarah’s first Mother’s Day as a mother. She hasn’t had a lot of experience, but she has the job down pat. My lovely wife has simply done an amazing job with Micah over the past 3 months (and before!). She is dedicated, loving, and long-suffering towards both Micah and me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful woman with whom to share my life.

When we were dating, in the midst of an argument, i once said, “You are not the center of my world, ya know.” But looking at things now — the amazing love that we share, our partnership in raising Micah, our conjoined faith life — Sarah is indeed right at the heart of the most important things in my world. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is good!

Sarah is now writing down her reflections on her life as a mother… And there is no better day to highlight those writings than today! Be sure to check out her new blog: Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah!

I know Sarah checks my site from time to time but, by the time she does, she will have already received her Mother's Day gift from me and Micah. I wanted to give her something both practical and thoughtful, so I bought her an iPhone. Because it is a used iPhone 5s, it has a modest price tag. Still, I find myself really taken with the phone's quality. The iPhone's camera is especially adept at taking beautiful photos, which will be perfect for snapping all the wonderful moments with Micah. I had originally thought of purchasing an iPhone 6 but I could only find these iPhone 6 Plus for sale and I wanted something smaller. Regardless, I am sure Sarah will be thrilled with her gift. If anyone else is looking to buy something similar, be sure to check out

My own mom has returned to the country (with my sister). My mom and sister have spent the last few years in Brazil working with various church ministries along the Amazon River. It’s exciting to have them both at least a little closer. Micah can’t wait to meet them!

Being a parent myself, i have a new respect for moms everywhere. But i am especially appreciative of my own mother who nurtured, fed, and cared for me, working hard to teach me what i needed to know, in school and out. Thanks, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


Poetry from the Killing Fields

Batman pays tribute to the deadWhen I was in Cambodia 5 years ago, I was shocked to learn that those responsible for the genocide under Pol Pot had never been brought to justice.

I was recently reminded of this when I heard a great Public Radio International program featuring a Cambodian poet who had survived the anti-intellectual regime. Listen here:
U Sam Oeur performs his poetry on PRI
(from a longer segment)

Justice remains elusive in Cambodia today, but at least trials are scheduled for later this year.


Baby Myth #1: Soft as a…

Baby’s butt?  Really?  I don’t know who coined that phrase, but i don’t think they changed many diapers.  Guess where babies get diaper rash?  Rash isn’t soft.  Guess where baby waste goes?  The diaper doesn’t absorb it all.
Add to this mix elastic band impressions, chubby folds of skin that are hard to clean, and not getting a lot of air…  Soft isn’t the first word i would use.

But there are many parts of a baby that are indeed soft.  I’m particular to Micah’s calves myself.   Maybe the bit of belly off to the side, beneath the ribs where love-handles may one day form.

I guess “Soft as a babies lower leg” just doesn’t have the same ring (and daring-do?) to it.  So don’t be surprised if something described by this inacurism actually turns out to be… sticky?

More baby cuteness captured by the camera

Happy Easter, everyone! Micah turned 2 months old on Easter Sunday. We had a great time celebrating (both events) with Sarah’s family in Gig Harbor. I think we have actually spent some time there every weekend for the last 6 weeks. Micah loves getting to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Riggio.

In these 2 month, Micah has already been changing so much. He can hold his head up now, and is just starting to interact with toys and inanimate objects around him. And he keeps growing — longer, fatter, smarter!

I heard it said that “The days and nights may drag, but the weeks will fly by.” Sarah and i have found this to be very true. We are experiencing entirely new types of time distortions.

So, on to the photos! It has been an exciting time for Micah. He got to spend time with some East Coast grandparents when my dad and his wife came out to visit. It was wonderful to see them, and to get to introduce them to our little guy. Micah’s middle name is Glock, my father’s family name.

Week 4 Photo Album

On a recent weekend in Gig Harbor, Grandma Riggio got to help give Micah a bath in the sink. Parts of it he loved, parts he wasn’t so sure about, and some parts he surely disliked. His facial expressions make it all so clear!

Week 6 Photo Album



Photos for Micah’s first 3 weeks

More photos are now online! And i moved the first set, so it will all be more hierarchical and logical and stuff.

So, you can select an album from here:

see the original set of photos here:

And see the latest here:

Yay baby!


Two Weeks later…

Hello dear friends. Sorry for the lack of update, there has been much that i want to write about, but limited time (and sleep) to work with.

We have been home with Micah for 2 weeks now.  It’s been a really amazing time of community, adjustments, and learning to communicate with the little guy.

Sarah and I are so very grateful for the wonderful support and encouragement we have received from our friends, near and far.  The blessings have come in the form of prepared meals, joyful visits, and generous gifts. Such an outpouring is humbling; we offer our deepest thanks.  Our little house can barely accommodate it all!

If Harvey Mudd taught me anything, it was how to function on limited sleep.  Once again, those skills are proving useful.  Micah wakes up for a mid-night snack or a changing between 3 and 6 times at night (11p - 8a).  We are learning to transition in and out sleep very quickly, but it is still exhausting.  Most days we don’t get out of bed until 10a.  Sarah and I work hard to make sure we still love each other well in spite of our grogginess, which is not always easy.  I also find it difficult to stay focused on work during the day — this is my most important area to grow in over the next few months.  Time to knuckle down!

On the flip side, we are really enjoying time with our baby.  Micah amazes us with his complete set of tiny internal organs, his rapidly changing facial expressions, and his ability to melt our hearts with one peaceful moment of eye contact.

He lives a straightforward life these days.  He nurses when he’s hungry.  He lets us know if he needs to poop or be changed.  When he is alert, his eyes soak in all aspects of his surroundings (sometimes he will just stare at the wall, trying to figure out what it is).  He practices holding his head up to strengthen his neck muscles. And when all that wears him out, he sleeps for a few hours, dreams baby dreams (of being back in the womb?), processing all he has learned.  A few hours later, he awakes to have another go at it all.

As parents, we are both learning to better understand Micah’s methods of communication. If we can get his messages, and respond appropriately, we eliminate a lot of crying, and more importantly encourage him to keep using those style of expression.  Thankfully his desires are simple enough and his clues are clear enough that this is coming along well.  I just hope he keeps communicating with us throughout his teen years!  Build a good foundation now, eh?

I have a new set of photographs from the first weeks at home.  I will be trying to get those up this weekend, so stay posted.  I also have a bunch of fairly disjointed thoughts and reflections on the whole process that i will try to get into writing here.  So stay tuned if the details of my life are interesting enough to you!

And once again, many many thanks for all the assistance and encouragement we have received.  We love you all!



at long last, photodocumentation of the last 30 hour is now yours for the viewing. we were prepared for newborn funkiness, but i don’t think it is just my bias in insisting he is a cutie.

He was born at 6lbs, 13oz, and 18″ long. he has currently lost 3% of his body weight, which is very normal. he continues to pass the full battery of tests with flying colors, and will be on his way home tomorrow (saturday). but that’s a whole ‘nutha post.

without further ado…

newborn cuteness!

(you can view as a slide show with the play button in the corner. can you believe we were all that small?)


End of a long day…

Wow, what an amazing 24 hours. perhaps the most intense joys and pains of my life.

Sarah is doing well, with minimal tearing. she made it through the entire process with no pain killers. Labor was mercifully short — she impressed 4 nurses and 2 doctors with her strength. she is my hero.

Group Health thinks we are such a great family, they want to keep us until saturday.  for now, we are both exhausted. so do we get to sleep now?

Micah Glock Riggio

After a very intense last 4 hours, he is born!

He’s healthy, happy, latched, and loving life.

We haven’t even weighed him yet, but eye-ball estimates put him in at around 6 pounds.  He was born at 5:08pm, pacific time.
Many, MANY thanks to all the encouraging emails we have recieved from people.  You’re prayers and encouragement are so valuable to us.

Many many pictures to follow!